Electric Forest
7100 S Water Rd Rothbury, MI 49437
June 23rd - June 26th, 2022
From $75

Electric Forest Group Camping is the only opportunity for large groups to secure a guaranteed camping spot together in the GA Campgrounds. Please note that Group Camping space is extremely limited and is expected to sell out quickly. Each person who would like to join a GA Group Camp must also have a GA Camping Wristband to access the festival.




To start a Group Camp, the Group Leader must purchase a Group Camp Leader ticket ($75 + fees) and distribute a unique link to members who want to join. Once a Group Camp reaches twenty (20) members, the Group Camp will be confirmed.


Note: If the Group hits 20 Group Members, the Group Leader will be refunded the cost of their ticket + fees. If the Group does not hit 20 Group Members while Group Camp Tickets are still available, the Group Members will not be charged the cost of their tickets + fees and the Group Leader forfeits the cost of their ticket + fees. 




If you are joining a Group Camp, you must purchase a Group Camp Member ticket ($75 + fees) using a unique link sent directly from the Group Camp Leader, or another Group Camp Member.


Note: Do not purchase a Group Camp Leader ticket if you are looking to join a group. If you are a Group Leader looking to add to your group and purchase Group Member tickets, please note that you will need to clear your browser cache OR utilize a new browser to access the Group Member tickets via your unique link. Additionally, you will only be able to purchase up to three (3) Group Member passes to go along with your one (1) Group Leader pass.




One (1) parking pass will be provided for every three (3) members of your Group. Parking passes will be emailed directly to the Group Camp Leader to distribute out to the Group. Additional parking passes are not available and we are not responsible for how Group Leaders decide to distribute them.


Note: One (1) parking pass is required per vehicle. The GA Campgrounds open for entry Thursday of the event at 12:01 AM ET.




GA Group Camp Leaders will receive one (1) Early Arrival parking pass for Wednesday. All other GA Group Camp Members can purchase Early Arrival if they choose. "Tuesday Load-In" is not available for Group Camping.


Learn more at https://www.electricforestfestival.com/tickets/group-camping/

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