Allergy Awareness Game
Guaranteed Rate Field
333 W 35th St Chicago, Illinois 60616
Sun, Jul 15, 1:10 PM
From $30

Allergy Awareness Game

White Sox vs. Royals

Sunday, July 15, 2018

1:10 p.m. Guaranteed Rate Field


The Chicago White Sox are pleased to offer the second Allergy Awareness game at Guaranteed Rate Field in 2018. No nuts or nut products will be allowed in the reserved area during this game. There are approximately 234 seats available so order your tickets early.

Specially priced $30.24 Club Level game ticket!

To purchase your RED Lot Parking pass or to order more than 20 tickets please call Sean Dwyer @ 312-674-5354.

Important Facts:

-         No nuts or nut products will be allowed in sections 354-357. Signage will be present to alert other fans of the situation.

-         The concession stand closest to those sections will not be selling nuts or anything that contains nuts.

-         Seating area will be cleaned and checked prior to the gates opening.

-         For the least nut-exposed path to your ticket area, we suggest you enter Guaranteed Rate Field through Chicago Sports Depot (team store located on the North side of 35th St). Proceed to second level of team store. Exit Chicago Sports Depot through the second level exit and proceed to the escalators straight ahead. Take Escalators to the Club Level. At the top of the escalators take a left to cross the bridge over 35th St. Once inside the Club Level concourse proceed to your left to the designated seating area. 

Please Note:

-         Fans should note even though we aren’t allowing nuts or nut products in this area we can’t guarantee this area will be nut free. Guaranteed Rate Field is an open-air ballpark, and peanuts and other nut products will be present in other areas of the ballpark. While we will make reasonable efforts to post signs restricting nut products from these sections and clean in advance, we cannot guarantee the absence of nut particles or residue. Fans with nut allergies should take all precautions that they customarily take in public places.

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