Bonnaroo Community Camp - Soberoo
Great Stage Park
Manchester, TN 37349
June 16th - June 19th 2022
From $99

Music and community are the calling card of a beautiful experience on The Farm. And for Bonnaroovians who choose to remain clean and sober while enjoying the festival, SoberRoo is a group that will support you with regular fellowship and daily meetings. They’re not affiliated with any other support groups so the only requirement for membership is a desire to stay substance-free at the festival! 

SoberRoo costs $99 to join and INCLUDES a “SoberRoo Car Camping Pass”. You are welcome to have multiple SoberRoo campers in one campsite (i.e. you pay for SoberRoo per car/campsite rather than per person)
SoberRoo Campers will have the option of arriving TUESDAY onward and do not need to select a day in advance.
To connect with others, please visit the official CampSoberoo Facebook Group Page here.
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