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Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival - Groop Camping
Great Stage Park
Manchester, TN 37349
June 16th - June 19th 2022
From $60

Welcome to 2022 Bonnaroo Groop Camping! Groop Camping gives you and your friends the option of arriving at separate times and having a campsite set aside for you no matter when you arrive so you can all camp together.


You must have a minimum of 24 people to create a Groop and you will receive 1 parking pass per 3 people in your Groop (i.e. a Groop of 24 people will receive 8 parking passes total), so carpooling is a must. The Groop Leader will receive all parking passes for your Groop and will be responsible for distributing them to the Groop members before the festival. The bigger the Groop the more space you’ll receive and the more parking passes you’ll receive. We are not able to allocate additional parking passes so please plan accordingly.


Reward update - We're excited to announce the groop prizes below! The first group to reach 50, 75, and 125 Groopies will be rewarded with the following:



TIER 1 PRIZE: First group to reach 50 Registered Groopies (Current Leader: Camp Reddaroo)

REWARD: 50 Complimentary Shower Tokens


TIER 2 PRIZE: First group to reach 75 Registered Groopies 

REWARD: Spicy Pie Feast (75 spicy pies delivered to the campground on the day of their choosing)


TIER 3 PRIZE: First group to reach 125 Registered Groopies 

REWARD:  Shoutout on the Bonnaroo Main Stage Jumbotrons


**NOTE: There is ONE GROOP WINNER, PER TIER PRIZE. If your Groop hits multiple goals first, you will have the option of accepting the higher Tier Prize and forfeiting the lower Tier Prize OR accepting the Tier 1 prize, and forfeiting the Tier 2 or 3 prize. The second Groop to hit the respective Prize Tier will be rewarded the forfeited prize. Remember, all Groopies will be asked to verify a valid festival ticket confirmation # when signing up for their Groopie spot.


How To form a Groop:

Note: All Groop Leaders and Members are required to have purchased a Bonnaroo ticket and provide a valid confirmation number to register. 



Once you submit your payment for a Groop Leader Pass, you will pick a Groop camp name. Feel free to make these as fun as you want! Once registration is complete, Groop Leaders will receive a confirmation email with a unique link that they can immediately send out to anyone they want to join their group. This unique link is the only way your Groopies can snag a spot in your squad. Please note: There is no longer $100 Deposit required (as in years past).

*If you are a Groop Leader looking to add to your group to purchase Groopie passes, please note that you may need to clear your browser cache OR utilize a new browser to access the Groopie Passes via your unique link. We also highly recommend registering each groopie individually with their own email address to ensure they will receive all communication and their name will show up on your groop list.


Groop Leader Registration Deadline is Friday, April 1st, 2022.



As a “Groopie” you will be responsible for your own individual payment of $60. You should have received a unique link to join a group. Make sure to purchase your pass with that unique link instead of starting a new Groop. You will also receive a unique link after your purchase, so make sure to send that link out to your friends and network as well to continue to grow your Groop. Groopie Registration Deadline is Friday, May 20th 2022.


Other important information:

*One thing to keep in mind! If your group does not meet the required 24 person minimum (which includes the Groop Leader) by the Groopie sign up deadline, you will be asked to merge with an already existing Groop. NO REFUNDS will be given to the Leader or the individual Groopies if you are unable to meet the Groop Camping minimum. 

*Beginning in early June, Group Leaders will receive all Groop Camping parking credentials and check-in instructions required to access the Groop Camping area. Please note that each Groop Leader is responsible to distribute, at their own cost, the Groop Camping vehicle hang tags to their Groopies. So make sure you stay in touch and are in communication with your Groop Leader.


Groop Campers will have the option of arriving any day and do not need to select a day in advance.


Thank you for your participation in Groop Camping!  If you have any questions, please email us at

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