El Batallon - Houston Dynamo Supporter Alliance
PNC Stadium
2200 Texas Ave., Houston, TX Houston, TX 77003
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Our supporters are the heartbeat of our club and we are thrilled to continue to grow the HustleTown Supporters Section.


For the $35 deposit, Houston Supporters receive:

  • - Supporter Gear
  • - Supporter Membership Card
  • - Discounted Ticket Opportunities:
    • - $260 Houston Dynamo 365 Supporter Membership


    • - The ability to purchase up to 4 discounted individual tickets for 2022 Regular Season matches. 


By purchasing a HustleTown membership you are agreeing to the code of conduct -


Houston Active Supporters Code and Regulations


We will stand and create and electric and unified stadium atmosphere on matchdays, from the moment we walk into the building until the last person leaves, and we will show our unwavering support to the Houston Dynamo and the Houston community at all times.


We welcome everyone who will stand with us, sing with us and support the Houston Dynamo no matter their race, national origin, religion, political views, sexual orientation or gender. Discrimination or prejudice will not be tolerated by the Houston Supporters Alliance.


As an Active Supporter Member, we will promote and display togetherness and always welcome anyone wishing to join us to support the Houston Dynamo. Members shall not slander or speak negatively about other Houston supporter groups or independent supporters.


Violence is strictly prohibited. Any sort of threats, instigating and/or escalating conflicts, or physical alterations of any kind are prohibited and such actions will be considered major violations of our code of ethics.


Throwing objects at the field is prohibited. It represents a danger to everyone in the proximity of the area, including the players, fellow supporters, fans, match officials, and other staff members, etc.


No opposing team, player, or other MLS team jerseys will be allowed in the Active Supporters section. No member is allowed to use their access to the Active Supporters section or the benefits provided to Active Supporters for personal profit or benefit.


Failure to abide by the Houston Active Supporters Code of Conduct, will be met with the appropriate actions as determined by a collected vote by members of the Houston Supporters Alliance Council, along with the Club’s head of security (when necessary).


If you become banned or suspended by Club or the MLS at any time, your Membership will be invalid until your ban/suspension period concludes. There will not be a refund issued. 

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