Shadow of a King
Monday, August 16th // 6PM PST
From $14

Michael Presley, purported to be the son of Rock and Roll legend Elvis Presley, is performing a one-night streaming event. The concert will include, not only songs from Elvis’s original performances but also personal interviews with some of his original band members. 


And in celebration of this priceless event, tickets are priced like it’s 1973 again. $13.99, for the 2-hour event, because Elvis believed in keeping the price low for his loyal fans. So join us for this life-changing concert on August 16th, 2021.


In honor of this historic event, Vegas Boys Entertainment a long with Michael Presley have acquired authentic Elvis memorabilia that will be given away prior to the August 16th event.  By purchasing a ticket, you are automatically registered to win one of the prizes. Only the first 10,000 ticket purchasers will be entered into the contest 

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