Summer Meltdown
Darrington Music Park
42501 Arlington-Darrington Rd Arlington, WA 98223
August 1-4, 2019
From $45

Get a guaranteed good spot with your group! Last year, many Melters chimed in asking for a Group Camping option on our survey, so here it is! Group Camps will receive a reserved camping spot in the woods or meadow, sized so that each member has a place for their tent, and if you share tents, space to create a central lounge area, art installation, whatever you like! This spot will be set aside for your group, no matter when you arrive. A minimum of ten (10) is required to lock in a group camping pass. There is no maximum group size, up until all our group camping spots sell out!


Buy a Lead Melter Pass if you are the head of your group, and starting a new group. Buy a Melty Friend Pass if you are joining an existing group.


A very important heads up for Lead Melters: If your group does not meet the required ten (10) minimum (which includes the Lead Melter) by the sign up deadline, or by when Group Camping sells out, your group camping reservation will be cancelled. NO REFUNDS will be given to Lead Melters if you can not meet the Group Camping minimum. Melty Friends will receive a refund if their camp doesn’t meet the minimum. Act fast and organize your crew in advance!


Here are the details of how this works:


  1. The Lead Melter will purchase a group leader ticket for $45. Once you pay, you will get to name your group. Please choose something absurd that would make Melters everywhere proud.


  1. Once a Lead Melter starts a group, they'll get a unique link to send to all their Melty Friends, that's how you make sure everyone signs up for the right group. This unique link is the only way to join your group. Each Melty Friend Pass costs $45.


  1. The deadline for a Lead Melter to register is June 15th, or when Group Camping sells out. The deadline for a Melty Friend to join is June 1th, or when Group Camping sells out. Warning: Group Camping may sell out. We've never done this before, so we don't know.


  1. Lead Melters will each receive one (1) Early Entry pass to come and claim their group spot. If they can't make it at 10 am on Thursday, they will need to deputize a Melty Friend. All Melty Friends who do not have an Early Entry pass will enter starting at 2 pm Thursday. There will also be Group Camp greeter there to point you to your spot. Specific instructions will be emailed out to Lead Melters. It's going to be the responsibility of Lead Melters to pass info to Melty Friends.


If you are a Group Leader looking to add to your group by purchasing Melty Friend Pass(es), please note that you will need to clear your browser cache OR utilize a new browser to access the those passes via your unique link. 

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