Bonnaroo Community Camp - The Beyond
Great Stage Park
Manchester, TN 37349
June 16th - June 19th 2022
From $99

She-Roo is now The Beyond! While the camping area is still focused on femme curation, we want to be clear that this space welcomes you to camp regardless of your gender expression.

Here, Bonnaroovians can be surrounded by comfort areas and creation stations to connect and play. Featuring everything from interactive art and lounge areas, to dance parties, yoga and curated sounds. Here, we value your authenticity with a space made for you to shine.


The Beyond is a camping experience for an inclusive community of Woman and non-binary identified Bonnaroovians, who would like to live alongside one another at the festival. The Beyond is a space to retreat during your festival experience, a place you can relax with other women, make friends, and partake in new women-centered experiences that you can’t find anywhere else.


The Beyond will be full of activities and offerings uniquely tailored to Bonnaroovian women – our playful spirit, love of music, and positive drive to empower one another.


The Beyond costs $99 to join and INCLUDES a “The Beyond Car Camping Pass”. You are welcome to have multiple The Beyond campers in one campsite (i.e. you pay for The Beyond per car/campsite rather than per person)


The Beyond Campers will have the option of arriving TUESDAY onward and do not need to select a day in advance.

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