Beyond Tickets: 8 Ways to Create Additional Inventory for Your FEVO Offers

Beyond Tickets: 8 Ways to Create Additional Inventory for Your FEVO Offers

February 6, 2024

New year, new you.

That adage might not always work out for people who overcommit to onerous gym memberships, but it’s definitely a good one for your marketing team.

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to test out some new strategies for:

  1. Engaging your existing fan base with something they’ve never seen before, and
  2. Attracting some new names and faces to your user database.

If you sell on the FEVO platform, we know you’re already great at the usual stuff: group sales, theme nights, flash sales, etc. But did you know you can use FEVO for things other than tickets to a game?

Really, you can sell anything, and plenty of our partners already do: exclusive merch, in-venue events, kids camps, open team try-outs (seriously). There are infinite routes you can take to better engage with your fanbase — below, you’ll find eight of our favorites.

1. Get Creative with Your Merchandise

Don’t be afraid to offer exclusive or even off-the-wall merch.  look at the Kansas Jayhawks, who used FEVO to sell select pieces of KU Basketball memorabilia from their archives, giving fans a unique chance to own a piece of history. 

2. Put on a Camp

Smart teams are leveraging their athletes and high-level coaches to put on day camps for local kids and teenagers. Just look at Orange County SC, who partnered with legendary Scottish side Rangers FC for a three-day holiday camp. It’s a great way to create a personal connection with young fans in order to build a long-term relationship with your brand. Plus: you can host them in the offseason, when there aren’t any games going on. 

3. Make Venue Tours Easy

Every die-hard fan wants a peek behind the curtain to see what the day-to-day is like for their favorite players. You can easily put together tours and then sell them via FEVO with different dates and options, like the Houston Astros do with their various tour bundles. University of Tennessee also uses tours to showcase the long and storied athletic traditions at their school. 

4. Start a Kids Club

Kids clubs and memberships are a great way to get parents involved and continuously coming back to games. Membership can include everything from discounts on merch to access to members-only activities and events. The Scranton Wilkes-Barre RailRiders and Northern Kentucky University both have great examples on how to activate these clubs.

5. Host Team Tryouts

If you’re a team that hosts open tryouts like Orange County SC, FEVO is a great resource for registrations. The Chicago Bulls also used FEVO to host tryouts for their G League affiliate, the Windy City Bulls. Our platform allows for easy setup thanks to the Custom Fields option, which allows you  to collect any information you need at checkout. Shareable links with every purchase also make it easy to spread the word.

6. Reward Group Leaders

We all know how important Group Ticketing is to hitting your revenue goals. But sometimes group leaders need a little extra motivation. The Carolina Panthers decided to host a Group Leader Appreciation Night to wine and dine the individuals who helped make group sales a success over the previous year. 

7. Host a Charity Event/Fundraiser

FEVO is also a great resource for raising money for your charitable partners in your local community. Whether you just want to include the option to add a donation to a ticket purchase or want to host a special event with multiple ticket tiers and options like the one University of Pittsburgh put together, our options for giving back are robust. 

8.  Sell In-Game Messaging

You sell ad space to companies during games, so why not extend the same option to fans? The Las Vegas Aviators use FEVO to sell scoreboard shoutouts and messaging capabilities to fans during every game. FEVO’s Custom Fields make it easy to collect messaging information during the checkout process, eliminating additional work and back-and-forth after the purchase.

Beyond Tickets: 8 Ways to Create Additional Inventory for Your FEVO Offers