Virginia Tech Turns to FEVO to Ramp Up Flash Sales and Ticket Tuesday

Virginia Tech Turns to FEVO to Ramp Up Flash Sales and Ticket Tuesday

August 2, 2023

This week, we take a look at how Virginia Tech football partnered with FEVO to launch flash sales and one-off promotions throughout the 2022/23 season, particularly on their popular Ticket Tuesday campaign.

The Challenge

The Virginia Tech Hokies wanted more creative control over their flash sales for football games. They needed an offer-building tool that could display digestible, useful information about tickets while also being visually enticing to help them move distressed inventory on short notice. On top of that, the solution needed to allow them to easily set up recurring promotions like Ticket Tuesday as well as one-off promotions, all while making everything easily shareable to their large audience.

The Solution
FEVO allowed the team at Virginia Tech to customize every offer they built — including Ticket Tuesday offers, one-day sales where the Hokies typically include a unique item or giveaway with every ticket purchased. FEVO’s enterprise tools enabled the team to easily swap out descriptions and graphics to make each offer feel unique, while our low-friction checkout process reduced confusion for buyers, leading to quicker, higher conversions. To increase the reach of FEVO offers, the Hokies also made Ticket Tuesday the first thing people would see when they arrived on the site and promoted the sale across email, social, SMS and even their own app. The team experimented with messaging across the various channels to see what was most effective when combined with FEVO offer pages. Always be testing, friends. 

Added Benefit

For the 2023/24 season, the Hokies now allow all Ticket Tuesday purchasers to tack on a $10 donation to the Keep Jumping campaign, which was established to help mitigate the financial impact of Covid-19 on Virginia Tech student-athletes, coaches, staff and associates. With FEVO, merchants can add fundraising to any sales campaign at the flip of a switch.

In Summary…

  • Quick deployment of flash sales like Ticket Tuesday
  • Omnichannel marketing campaign to support FEVO offers
  • Ability to add fundraising prompt to any offer
For both Ticket Tuesday and many other single-game offers over the years, FEVO has continued to provide a product that reduces friction during the purchase flow allowing us to maximize sales for quick campaigns. Their ability to innovate and continually improve the product has opened up more opportunities for the future.
– Grant Duncan, Associate AD, Championship Resources Strategy
Virginia Tech Turns to FEVO to Ramp Up Flash Sales and Ticket Tuesday