How the New York Yankees Digitized Premium Offers

How the New York Yankees Digitized Premium Offers

August 24, 2022

Traditionally, the sale of premium and luxury offers, like suites, starts with a buyer contacting a sales rep by phone or email. The seller would then follow up at some point. As one of the most successful and popular professional sports teams in the U.S., the New York Yankees built one of the largest fan bases to date. With this success comes a higher demand for tickets — and an opportunity to innovate.

With billions of consumers shopping online today, the Yankees knew they needed to go digital. Consumers are purchasing cars and even homes online, so why not premium suites? That’s when the Yankees turned to FEVO to digitize the sales of their premium offers — helping the team capture over 50% more new names to their database. In addition, the team was able to tap into the mobile market. Over 40% of their buyers purchased a suite using their mobile device — even with a higher price point than a traditional ticket.

“Partnering with FEVO allowed us to take our single-game suite business into the digital economy for the first time and reach many new buyers online. It was great to use the platform to enable product context and showcase what it's like to sit in a suite at Yankee Stadium. Working with FEVO, we surpassed our online sales goals and exceeded expectations together. Half the buyers were new to our database and one of them purchased a 20-game suite lease. FEVO is a terrific partner for digitizing and innovating our premium and hospitality inventory.”

Director, Premium Sales & Service

Since then, the team has continued to innovate and give its fans a more elevated experience with its premium offers powered by FEVO. Reach out to your success rep or email to find out how you can take your suite sales to the next level.

How the New York Yankees Digitized Premium Offers